Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrating Life's Milestone at sea

As I breached the golden years, celebrating my 50th birthday with hubby, was one of my birthday wishes. I knew it was next to impossible, because on November 14, he will be at sea and I already sailed with him last April.
However, God is good and made ways to make things happen. The family sailing benefit  was streamlined and amended.  We are now allowed to sail with them twice per calendar year, full board. The timing was indeed perfect. It was a very memorable birthday gift, to which we are truly grateful. Thank you very much and more power!
The thanksgiving and birthday celebration was held onboard hubby's ship last November13, 2011. Fortunately, two of his crew was celebrating their natal day also. One on November 13 and the other one, on the same date with me, thus, making the celebration a Thanksgiving and Triple Birthday celeb. 
Hubby personally bought the suckling pig that was roasted, my birthday cake and most of the viands in the menu, so as not to jeopardize the ship’s budget on provisions.
It was a fun-filled evening with parlor games, karaoke songs, line dance contest and delectable foods to our tummy delight. 
Blind fold game mark the designated part
Laughter filled the room during every parlor game done . 
Chief Officer winning the blind folded game 
the straw transfer game
rubber band sorting game
As everyone, was trying their best to vie for the top prize in the Karaoke contest, a tie breaker needs to be done because two of the crew got perfect scores.
 Culminating the event was our “Lambada” dance number, reminiscent of our trip to Brazil twenty years ago and the line dance contest of the crew. 
On the over-all the celebration in welcoming, my second bloom was a blast. It also became a good avenue to foster the “team spirit” and camaraderie of the crew on board the ship. My sincere thanks to all the Officers and crew who made it happen.
Thank you Lord for the gift of a loving husband, like diamonds, you are forever a treasure. 

Disclaimer : The contents are views of my own and  the photos used in this article are of the crew onboard the ship and not of the ship itself

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