Thursday, December 01, 2011

Top Ten (10) In Flight Etiquette

Travelling is a break from life's day to day routine. Sometimes, it becomes a bad day when you fly and encounter unpleasant experience. Thus, it is best to observe the following good habits of a polite flyer outlined below:

1.) Be mindful and move quickly when boarding.
2.) Pare down your hand carried luggage so, you won't use up so much luggage space.
3.) Don't dump your baggage in someone else seat. Wait until take off,if the seat is not taken, only then you should feel free to use it.
4.) Stay in your seat until everyone has boarded. After take off, only then you should look around for an empty seat to transfer to.
5.) When watching shows or movies in your laptop, wear your head seats so as not to disturb your seat mate. Also do not turn up the volume of your iphone or music player,
this can still distract the person next to you.
6.) Learn to back off. It's good to chat with neighbors but it is better to respect their privacy,
7.) Don't recline your back rest all the way. Be considerate of the person behind you. 
Also try not to encroach on your neighbor's space.
8.) Foster good toilet karma. Clean up and wipe down the seat, when your business is done. Spend only a reasonable time inside.
9.) If travelling with children , watch them constantly so that they can not irrate
 fellow flyers.
10.) Wait for your turn in heading out. Remain seated when it's not your turn yet and paitently fall in line.
Always plug in and out courtesy to your fellow flyer to make air time travel pleasant to all.

Image source: tripstyler

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