Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Milestones in my Life

Life has many different milestones. Some are very personal, 
while others are seen as a rite of passage that almost everyone goes 
through. No matter which type of milestone you have recently 
accomplished, it’s very important to celebrate them in any manner 
you wish toThis gives us a sense of achievement and helps propel 
us on to reaching that next milestone. There are no standard rules,and we are not obliged to conform to it, should there be one. Some milestone in my life  was achieved without really knowing it or remembering them.
November is my birth month and as my golden birthday 
draws near,  I opted to list down the events that has transpired in my life thus far, which left significant foot prints in my heart, memorable or otherwise.
1.) Overcoming the trauma from a burn accident 
It was the biggest turning point in my life, looking everyday in the mirror, the scar is a constant reminder that "beauty" is not skin deep. It paved the way,  in letting me find someone who will love me for what I am.
2.) My 18th Birthday
It was a simple debut. This rite of passage is one of the biggest signs that a teen is becoming an adult. Simply being there and treating us for a dinner in Shakeys 
in Cebu was plus point.
3.) Graduation
It left an important spot in my life’s milestones. Graduations, especially high school and college, mark the ending of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another. I will always treasure the memories of both graduations even if it had given me contrasting experience. The friendship made with classmates, during those years left significant 
foot prints in my heart that I will cherish forever. 
4.) As a Chemical Engineer

It was not my dream profession but it was a blessing from above.

5.) Working at NSC...Being part of the work force in a man's world was a very valuable experience in the molding of the values that I practiced today. The memories with friends will forever be treasured.

6.) My Wedding...it was an event that I prayed hard and waited for eleven years, to conquer my fears and to commit myself to someone for life.
7.) Becoming a Mother 
The birth of my son was a life changing event and a significant feat for me after having a very difficult pregnancy and was on bed rest for  six months.
8.) Circumnavigating the Globe
As a benefit of my husband's job, I am blessed to see the world through his eyes.
9.) Redefining a Homemakers Role
Being a full time homemaker  was a very unpopular decision to many. However, following my gut feel, innovating and evolving  were the keys to outsmart those negative perceptions. 
10.) Surviving an Accidental Fall
Recovering from an accident that injured my left foot  using an Air cast Walker, gave me an experience of the pains and perks of a disabled life. It warms my heart knowing how good friends cared upon knowing the incident.
11.) Discovering the gift of writing
Something that I am not aware and would like to nurture farther.
12.) Earl's Academic Achievements
As a mother who raised him alone because of the nature of my husband's job, it was very heart warming seeing him receive his college diploma, passing the board exam, pursuing his doctorate.
13.) My Father's Passing
I am grieving in silence in accepting that all that has a beginning, has an end, and he is now at peace in God's care. Being helpless, seeing him  suffer his illness was really heart breaking. I treasured the moment, when he last held my hand to say, "Thank You" for their golden wedding celebration last year even, if it pinches my heart.
14.) Healing Thy Heart
Forgiving those that offended your feelings is easier said than done. Forgetting is even harder. Indeed, time heals all wound.
15.)Executive Check up Results 
After undergoing a battery of clinical test. upon receiving a clean bill of health with a non life threatening Osteoarthritis of both knees, as the only findings, I am relieved. I am genetically born with  thinner cartilages
16.) Weight Battle
As the body metabolism of a woman decreases with age, knowing the formula for an efficient strategy to win the game is still a work in progress.
17.) Up  Coming Golden Birthday
I am eagerly anticipating the celebration on board Maersk Vilnius, waking up in hubby's arms, and enjoying the moment with him. We will be rounding the Cape then. This will be the second time, that I will celebrate my birthday on board his ship, after twenty-two-year gaps.
18.)Our wedding anniversaries... 
We always try to celebrate our fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twenty  through a family vacation out of the country. 
Today, we are looking forward to our renewal of vows during our twenty fifth wedding anniversary in 2013. 
My life's journey has its own peaks and valleys, but I am grateful for everything that comes my way, making me what I am today. Thank  You Lord, for the gift of life and all the blessings bestowed  upon me and my family.

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