Saturday, August 13, 2011

Managing Osteoarthritis of Both Knees

Last August 12, 2011, we visited the Center for 
Musculoskeletal Science-Asia at the 2nd floor of 
Hollywood Square Bldg, 33West Avenue in Quezon City 
after having an 8am   appointment with Dr. Isagani Leal.  
I found his name through research in the internet. 
The center uses the latest technology in managing 
and treating, sports-related injuries, bones and joints 
pain management, and other degenerative diseases involving 
muscles and the skeletal system in general.

It has been three (3)months since the pain in walking recurred not only in my right knee but with my left knee as well. X-ray and ultrasound results of both knees confirmed the depleted cartilage sustained in both knees. To prevent further, erosion and avoid knee replacement, Visco was injected to both knees. This time, it is done on a single shot only with a downtime of two(2)days. Thereafter, I can resume my normal activities. Unlike, before that it has to be injected in three(3) sessions for three(3) weeks with a downtime of two(2)  days per session. The cost was approximately the same at Php 35,00.00 per knee.
The main difference of the procedures in the past and present, lies in the fact, that yesterday's procedure was ultrasound guided, and less painful than it was done in the past years through the traditional method.
Even, if the anesthesia effect was gone, still the pain is manageable with-out taking in some pain reliever.    
For the rest of my life, I will be living with such maintenance medication, and the frequency lies simply in how good am I in managing my weight, because a single pound gained is an additional stress to my knees. The doctor advised only low impact aerobic activities and exercises, such as swimming, biking and  brisk walking for 3o minutes only. Further, the need to keep a healthy lifestyle and go on a low-calorie diet is a must.
Indeed, gaining weight  is easy but keeping it up and staying fit is a lifetime challenge, especially for women breaching the golden years...But that is life, and it is really up to us how to make it!
One thing certain, there is still a good life ahead, even if we are diagnosed with  Osteoarthritis in both knees, for as long as we are financially capable of paying the maintenance medications, and most of all diligent in having a healthy lifestyle.

For appointment please call:632-474-6656 or 63-939-443-24-88
For more info about the center please visit their website:


  1. Hi I'm also checking up there for my foot. Pero Saan ka po dati nagpacheckup na doctor? What's the difference?

    1. Before sa Asian Hospital but I found the management from Dr. Leal better especially after the PRP procedure. 😄

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Before Dr. Leal sa Asian Hospital. It got much better after the PRP procedure . Think manageet is on a case to case basis.

  3. But your first prp was with asian hospital? and so the result was ineffective for you? that's why you tried another prp with dr. leal which has better advanced technology? i think if you google out he seems to be the best prp doctor in the ph but i guess there are also some from st. lukes...

    but before you had prp you were suggested for pt sessions in cms-asia? did it work out for you before you did prp? i had pt sessions and prp at makati med that didn't work so im losing hope i can't even walk very painful...

  4. and plus i'm happy for you that you didn't go through surgery or maybe you didn't need it or maybe you opted for prp first because it is safer? because my doctor in mcc said that is the last option to consider :(

  5. Did you have pt and prp in asian and you were not satisfied? In cms, were you advised for pt sessions also first before prp? bec. I had my pt and prp in mmc and it didn't work and i'm losing hope. I believe he is a top prp in ph but there are some in st. luke's as well.

    1. No I did not underwent PT at CMS, my first PRP was with CMS. Sa Asian it was more of a synovial fluid injection. With CMS it was also done annually. Fr. Leal said the repeat PRP willbe after 3 yrs . Thus, far its is doing well. I just really have to manage my weight which is quite challenging as one ages. but so far, so good.

    2. ah i see kasi your case is not injury it's arthritis...anyway for prp how much did you pay for 1 knee? 2 knees?

  6. Osteoarthritis... depletion if cartillage. It was for both knees prp plus fluid injection was more than 100k . i can't remember the exact figures.

  7. Ms. Eigh, pinagtake ka ba ng Genacol Collagen capsules Is it safe and effective? or anong pinainom sayo?

  8. Yes I was prescribed but I stopped after a few months because I gained weight. I took Viatril S in sachet 1500mg Glucosamine Sulfate instead previously prescribed by Dr. Rosario Sarmiento from Asian