Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A quick but meaningful stay at Boca Chica

We stayed at the Port of Caucedo in Dominican Republic for only four hours.  However, we managed to take a quick visit to the town of Boca Chica because of it's proximity to the pier. It was only a ten minutes drive and we can very well see the  beautiful coast line and crystal clear water along the way when going in to the port.The sights we passed by, made me more curious to take  an eye witness account of the place. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Visiting the Municipal Museum of Algeciras, Spain

It was spring time last May 8, 2014 when the vessel called the port of Algeciras in Andalucia, Spain. A perfect time to roam around and visit the town's treasures. It may not be a big town but it is rich in history and art. Immersion to the Spanish culture who had an influence in the country that I came from was a valuable experience. While we study the language in school, it was a different experience when we have to speak and communicate with the locals in their own lingo.