Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top Ten(10) Ways To Manage Food Provisions on board ships

Provision shortage or the inadequacy of it is the usual, dilemma faced by the Seafarers on board ships. The management of the amount of provision on board the ship lies in the hands and skills of the Chief Cook.
To accomplish said mission he needs to:
1.) Make certain that the total quantity of provisions stated in the delivery receipts are actually delivered and received on board before signing the delivery receipts. Do Take note of expiry dates as well.
2.) Plan healthy meals suited to the palettes of the different nationalities of the Officers and Crew on board (in case of mix nationalities).
3.) Prepare the meals according to set budget and ensure that consumption is with-in limits.
4.) Confer with the Master on board for the schedule of purchase or requisition of provisions.
5.) Make sure that his work is planned so that overtime is within the paid fixed overtime in his contract.
6.) Observe a First In, First out (FIFO) practice in the consumption of food provision. Regularly check reefer temperatures.
7.) If the level of provision stock permits, conducts a physical count during monthly food provision inventory.
8.) Prepare the Vessels’ Monthly Victualling report.
9.) Observe health, safety, and sanitation standards in the galley at all times.
10.) Monitor refer temperature. 
There is always a better way of doing things. Never stop re-inventing and innovating. It is one of the secrets to keeping your market value high at all times. After all, in the University of Life, learning is a life long process.

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