• The Merchant Marine  Shipboard Officers have long suffered the dreaded reputation of being womanizers. Generally, they are branded as play boys working with various girls in different ports.
    Although some of these allegations were true based on a stash of anecdotes, but a number of  them today are true-blue romantics. So, why take the risk of loving a Merchant Marine Officer despite the bad reputations? Here are few of the many reasons why they are worth loving:
    1. Has a stable job. 

    Today's merchant marine officers and engineers working overseas are well paid for the job they do especially when they become Sr Officers onboard vessels plying a worldwide trade, be it on board a tanker (oil or chemical), gas carrier who takes home more of the bacon, or with the car, containers or bulk carriers. They can support well enough the needs of a family, making them excellent providers. All good men are great providers, and they are. Your family's futures are well secured with them. Therefore, ladies they are a good catch! :)
    2.  Possess a strength in character.
    Men with good attitude can work under pressure, but only men with guts can work under pressure on board a vessel in the middle of the ocean under extreme weather conditions.
    3. Endurance is the name of the game for them. Seafaring is always subject to unforeseen dangers—crazy weather, changing tide, pirate attacks, etc. It is definitely not the job for men with weak hearts. Only the bold, the mighty and the brave can sail into the big oceans and endure these dangers.
    4. They are health buffs.
    They may not be drop-dead gorgeous as Brad Pitt, but they sure are fit. Thanks to their rigorous maritime training that involves the hardening of muscles, hearts and minds and medical exams before signing on.
    5. Lead simple lives.
    They only have modest needs, easy to please, and are happy with simple things.
    6. Are enjoyable dates.
    Their profession enables them to circumnavigate the globe for free. Having been to different places all over the world, they have tons of stories to tell about their travels and experiences. Their pleasant sense of humor made dates worthwhile, definitely no dull moments, only good laughs!
    7. Have Desirable traits

    They are caring and understanding.
    Because of the length of time that they are away from their love o
    nes, they are always trying to make up for the lost time whenever the come home, forgetting the rank they hold onboard the ship.
    8. They are patient, flexible and kind.
    If they are quitters, they would not last a month on board. They can apply the same patience and perseverance in keeping a relationship.
    9. They have a way with words.
    They may not be a poet, but they are persuasive enough to make you believe that there‘s no other girl in their life but you.
    10. They are keepers.
    Once you have captured their heart, you can be sure that you‘ll be the only girl they will look forward to going home to and spending the rest of their lives with.

    So ladies, don't be influenced by some negative perceptions. Don't be afraid to fall in love with them, it's the only way to discover the beauty and joy in loving the great men of the seas! ^_^