Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recognizing Good Deeds

The International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare Awards 2011 on 
its second year has opened its nomination to give recognition to the 
following categories:
1.) The Company that promotes the Seafarers' Welfare on board
 the ship and provides support to their families while they are away.
2.) The Port that  has facilities that provides free access to Seafarers' 
to enhance  their social welfare activities ashore.
3.) The Seafarer Center who assists the Seafarers' needs while in port.
4.) To recognize personalities for their noble deeds in promoting
 Seafarers' Welfare.
For details and online nomination, please check: The company that hubby works has par excellence facilities on board ships, for fitness 
and wellness, social welfare activities, FREE internet and provides outstanding management support for the enhancement of Seafarers welfare on board ships. As part of an innovative corporate agenda on social responsibility, conceptualizing more programs to promote the social welfare of the Seafarers family is something worth looking into, because the family is the "essence of the Seafarer's well being".
Maesrk Tankers Gala Dinner Night in Davao Gala Dinner Night in Davao
Maersk Manila Allotees Orientation Allotees Orientation
Maersk Allotee Cebu Orientation
Allotee in Cebu Orientation
The above activities are good head start towards initiatives along this line.

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