Friday, July 08, 2011

What Makes the Officers and Crew Happy On Board Ships?

Happiness is a choice, but on board the ship where resources are scarce,  what is the  most important thing that gives pleasure to the Officers and crew?  A good accommodation is essential, but that comes with the structural design of the ship and when they come on board they have no choice but to make do of what is available. On a day to day basis what will make them happy?
I believe it is a healthy and hearty meal. The old adage that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach still holds through even on board the ship. Nothing beats a very satisfying meal. And who's challenge, is it to take, to make the crew happy? That's the call for the King of the Galley and on board merchant ships, he is called the "Chief Cook". He is responsible to serve the crew  with their tummy delight. The greatest satisfaction he gets from his job is seeing them eat happily after a tiresome day of work from the deck, engine room, and watch keeping duties from the bridge. 
The Ship’s galley is the Chief Cook’s work place. It is where the food preparation is done.
A Chief Cook must have a “’MIDAS” touch when preparing Healthy food on board to make the ship’s staff look forward to every dining experience with zest and enthusiasm.
The Chief Cook's task is to ensure that a healthy, safe, efficient and cost effective food preparation is achieve, without jeopardizing the variety and quality of the meals served. His Filipino colleagues on board call him “MAYOR”.
The job of a Chief Cook on board is routine, but requires adept culinary skills to meet the standards of some discriminating taste. Sometimes, we might have overlooked their feelings, when criticized and unable to please everyone with the meals served. However, the job is a never-ending challenge that he has to get by day by day within the duration of his contract. Please do not forget to smile and say THANKS to the Chief Cook after each meal as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for the meals served. You never know how such small gestures of kindness boast their morale and inspire them to do better next time.
A Grateful Cook serves  Healthy meals  to
 a Happy Officers and Crew to make them  productive. 

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