Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why is a ship called "she"

For the longest time I was wondering why do I have to use the pronoun "she" when referring to a ship...There had been a lot of analogy between a woman and the ship regardless of the type.

They always call a ship a "she" for some   reasons:
For she displays a well-shaped knee regardless of the season.
She scorns the man whose heart is faint and doesn't show him pity.
And like any woman she needs a lot of paint to make her look good.
Men love her especially if they brace the ocean.

You need to made fast her otherwise you'll be losing control of her.
Every man must know his ropes or else he cannot handle them.Be firm with her and she'll behave when skies are dark above you.
And let her take a water wave - praise her, and she'll love you.
That's why a ship must have a mate; she needs a good provider.
A good strong arm to keep her straight, to comfort her and guide her.
A Ship Is Nurturing. She carried and nurtured her crew on the ocean,  The male crew called it a "she" because they depended on the ship for life and nourishment like they once depended on their mothers. Others called the ship a "she" because they said it was as perverse as their wives or their mistresses, or maybe because the bottom is always wet...Regardless, if a ship is called she or it, a ship will always be a part of me because she takes me to the world through my husbands eyes.



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