Sunday, December 18, 2011

Money Saving tips at the Supermarket

Our monthly budget is nothing with-out control, they are just numbers waiting to be implemented, and leaving us financially broke at the end of the month if not followed.
One of the areas essentials to man’s survival is food, and the Supermarket is the place where most of our food budget goes.
Here are top ways to avert negative budget variance at the end of the month:
1..) Always shop with a full stomach. Going to the supermarket hungry makes you more prone to adding extra snack items.
2..) At the Supermarket, do check the price per unit quantity. Checking the price per gram, gives us an accurate reflection of the actual cost.
3..)  Compare prices with different Supermarkets. Shopping in one place may be convenient, but prices do differ from one store to another.
4..)   Experiment with other brands. It is the function that counts.
5..)  Always go to the Supermarket with a shopping list. This helps you control your expenditure.
6.) Minimize Shopping with young children. It is easier to stay with-in your budget with-out the “young” around.
7..)  Bring your own shopping bags. Because of the “go green” environmental campaign, some Supermarkets charges shoppers for the plastic bags used, some uses paper envelopes or boxes.

8. .) If paying in cash, carry loose changes some Supermarkets are running out of change.

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