Friday, February 03, 2012

How To Maintain Peace and Harmony on board ships

The ship is their home away from Home, therefore a peaceful and harmonious relationship among the crew members is MUST at all times. To keep the spirit of good camaraderie and working relationship smooth, here are few ways to help maintain peace and order on board:
1) Be Humble and Respectful. 
As a gesture of respect, always greet your Officers whenever you meet them anywhere on the ship at any time of the day.  For mix Officers and Crew, respect individual traditions and culture of your fellow crew member.
 2.) Calling by First Name
For a more cordial relationship among the crew, it is best to call each other by their first name. However, the Sr. Officers on board that is the Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Second Engineer  should be addressed by all the crew as Sir or Ma’am at all times as much as possible. 

3.) Be a True Sport and a Gentleman

For a crew complement with mix genders on board, in cases, where one of the single crew member, have already signified his noble intentions and expressed his feelings of admiration to a single female colleague, please be prudent enough and learn to give way. Kindly, wait for your turn to express your feelings. If the attempt to win her heart failed, then take your chance, but first graciously ask if he still has plans to pursue it or simply give it up. Never compete for her attention, at the same time. Likewise, respect her choice. Some guys, have all the luck, just accept her decision with an open mind and wish them well instead. Simply, wait for the next  crew change, or your vacation, who knows a better woman waits for you ashore.
4.) Avoid Bullying

Please try to behave as mature adults and avoid derogatory comments, name calling or tagging your fellow crew members based from their imperfections. Bullying is an act that reflects a negative attitude on board and can give the impression that you are a trouble maker.  Some who  were victims of bullies leads to social exclusion or isolation. Those who bullies sometimes inflicts harm to others such as kicking, shoving and spitting , and this acts somehow indicates a psychological disorder in a person.
5.) Focus
Don’t get distracted with your work. Always do your best in whatever task given.
6.) Rumor Mongering
Avoid spreading false information about your fellow crew member just to become an Officers pet. It is a verbal form of bullying to spread lies and false rumors.
7.) Exercise Self Control
During ship's get together when asked to share your talents, if you have it, flaunt it. Otherwise, politely decline. Please do realize also that not all are equally blessed with talents. When someone starts bullying at you, stay calm and  keep the situation under control. 

8.) Work together...Be willing to cooperate whether at work or at Play. When you join hands, no job on board is big enough to handle.
9.) Use your Rest Hours Productively....
Read you notes and do a Self Review for the board exams. While on board, it is best to have some advance readings, so that we you get ashore you already have a bankable stock knowledge to be supplemented only from lectures and coaching from review center ashore. Remember that your salary on board depends upon the Competency Certificate you carry.
10.) Observe the grievance Protocol
In cases, where things go wrong inevitably on board, follow the ship’s protocol on how to ventilate your concerns. Please, respect and observe the chain of command. You may request for a sit down meeting with your Sr. Officers on board to freely discuss your concerns. Always follow the chain of command on board, do not by pass other Officers. Be calm. Try to hold your temper during the confrontations or discussions proper. Watch your mouth and your actions.
11.) Know your Limits ...
For crew on vessels’ that sells alcoholic drinks in their bonded store, please drink moderately and know your limits to stay out of trouble Do something exciting, and try to explore your passion that are also beneficial to others.
12.) Be creative
Use your rest hours productively 
13.)It Pays to Behave Well
While on board, still the best way to keep a harmonious relationship  is for each one, to practice the rules of good manners and right conduct. Always  keep in mind the fundamentals of the golden rule. 

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