Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Life Keys of a Seafarer's wife

The Life of a Seafarer's wife does not start with an "a" and end with "z." I know, because it’s never easy. However, the best thing that we can do is, to move forward, each given day  and to make things happen.
There is no sense in doing CONTROL,  ALT, DELETE to re-start it. Each one of us is unique.
We simply have to be an agent for change,
and that’s a  good technique.
To copy and paste is not a good way.
Let us avoid CONTROL X and V for a happier life to see.
The use of Control Z to undo, is just a wish to do, to correct all the mistakes we’ve done.
To edit everything, and nothing to partake.
However, life is always not as easy as we dreamed it to be.
The long and winding road of a Seafarer's wife, is a never-ending journey.
 Surrendering yourself to God, and letting him be the anchor of your life story.
 Accepting that he is the Master of our fate.
Let Him live in our hearts and believing that he is always  there for us.
Be willing to take the risk, and do your share, for all is well under his care.
Be grateful, of the  life experience as a Seafarer's wife, because it is a unique gift to us all.


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