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How To Apply for a Joining wife's Visa to South Africa in PHL

The Seafarer's wives of Maersk Line Officers and Engineers
 are among the privileged few who are allowed to see the 
world free once a year for the Junior Officers and twice a year
 for the Senior Officers. It is a benefit granted to the 
Officers after having served the company for one year.
Some countries require visas for joining, transit or disembarkation.
Normally, all visa fees and the processing fee charged by the 
travel agency are for the Officers personal account.
Griffin Manila usually assists joining wives in the processing 
of the needed visas. The rate per country is Php 2,800.00.
Some countries, require personal appearance of the applicants,  

while others require travel agents only to process the application. 
The South African embassy does not specify either.
So, I opt not to seek the services of a travel agent to process my visa and simply go through the rigors of it.
It's not that difficult though, but not as easy either. All we needed 

are the  complete documents to support our application and 
prove to them that, the purpose of our visit to their country is 
What is a Visa to South Africa?
A visa enables the holder to proceed to a port of entry before the expiry date of the visa, where the holder must comply with the applicable law, regulations and other entry requirements of the Republic of South Africa. They said that no fixed travel arrangements must be made prior to the issuing of the visa.

To give other joining wives a perspective on how to do it personally, the steps to follow are outlined below:
1.) Download Visa application  B1-84 from
The general guidelines for the embassy requirements are also stipulated therein.
2.) Accomplish it.
3.) Attached  two (2) pcs. Passport size recently taken photograph
4.) Secure the following documents from Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc:
 a.) Letter of Guarantee
b.) Letter of Invitation from the agent at joining port
c.) A round trip airline booking

d.) Hotel Voucher (for joiners only )
e.) Vessel site calls 

f.) Photocopy of the Officer's Passport
g.) Photocopy of the Officer's Employment contract
h.) Officer's joining request
i.) Vessel Crew List
5.) Together with the above company documents also, prepare and submit  the following personal documents needed:
A.) Bank Certificate of Deposits - while there is no specific amount required, the bigger the deposit the better.
B .) Marriage Contract NSO copy not older than 3months

C.) Photocopy of your passport
D.) Photocopy of Officer's OEC
6.) When all documents are ready, you can proceed to the Embassy of South Africa located at the 29th floor of the RCBC Plaza corner Buendia-Ayala Avenue in Makati City.
Please note that the Filing time  is only from:9 am to 11:30noon  Monday to Thursday.
The processing time will take one week from date of filing. Releasing of Visa as of 10/21/2013 is from 1400 t0 1600 hrs. Monday to Friday. 
7.) If you are joining in other countries, and disembarking in any port in South Africa make sure that your visa at the joining port is already available in your passport.
The kind of  visa issued to joining wives  is a multiple entry tourist's visa valid for ninety(90) days, although we will be there for transit only, before we will embark the vessel when she is safely berthed or  disembark  homeward bound.
By the way, the transit visa is free of charge.

Note: Above requirements were updated as of 10/21/2013 filing

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