Thursday, July 15, 2010

Donate A Book / Magazine Campaign

Dear Townmates,

In a discussion with felow Liloa-anons last night this idea came up, but they may be too shy to come out and write something in this regard, so I will take the pleasure to write this for them.. thank you for bringing this forward!
 I totally agree that ".Knowledge is power" and we all believe that education begins at home in the barrios and in the barangay.

Maybe , it's time for us to take another baby step in remolding the minds of the youth of our beloved town who are not blessed to afford to read good books or magazines due to economic status. Let us inspire them to DREAM, and STRIVE to finish a college degree, so that someday the places or things they see in the books or magazines will unfold before their very own eyes.
Let us do our humble share in contributing used books/ magazines in the making of a library for every barangay, by sending in your donations to your relatives in Liloan and requesting them to bring it to the beneficiary barangay elementary school of your choice.. You can autograph it as well, for you to be remembered and recognized.
 The minds of the children, is best canvass that any artist can paint their beautiful masterpiece. 

Let us all be artist in the making through this initiative. Believing and hoping that at their tender age we maybe able to inscribe good values thereby re-shaping their future, transforming them into responsible, concerned citizens, with good values and character. Further, this will also re-educate the young once but always young at heart.
 May I call on the Liloanons of the world to humbly begin the ball rolling during the forth coming town fiesta...
Please spread the word..=)

Note: Liloanons- people who came from Liloan Southern Leyte , Philppines
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