Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adopt a Tourist

To address a backpacker's concern from an email received, I would like to raise the proposal for an "Adopt A Tourist" initiative for my Liloanon families. As defined from wikipedia "backpacker's" are low-cost, budget travelers, going from one place to another and has the interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights.

Given the aggressive drive of the airlines in low cost travel, the air fare cost becomes very affordable, but what constraints people to enjoy travelling is the exorbitant cost of the accommodations at the places of interest.

If only my family is blessed with a decent abode to accommodate said travelers then, I could have requested them to do so but unfortunately we are not, and besides it is only my 72yrs.old mother who is left there. However, am sure that there are lots of Liloanon's who are already blessed to have improved their living conditions and would like to consider to respond to their concerns.

As experienced when travelling during package tours for a 3days to 2nights package, it is usually with breakfast only, unless they will request for a full board, to which that means the host will prepare lunch and dinner, and that to me is no longer necessary because during the day, they are outside exploring the sights. What this people needs are budget friendly, decent accommodations to rest their tired bodies after a day out, in a family ambiance, under the warmth of the Liloanon's culture.

The rates that will be charge is for the host families to determine, what is fair to them and acceptable to the traveler, so that they can as well recommend and spread the word to others and be included in their travel memorabilia.

source: wiki, fb notes

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