Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Even in my dreams

How I wish dreams can be real,
in my deep slumber...something fascinating came into the picture
but the magical words won't come out of my mouth, even if it is something that I mastered to say with no qualms and quips.

On a close encounter, I felt that my feet were cold, hands were shaking, lips trembling...literally speechless....super scared!
So scared of being rejected...scared that He may not find it romantic or memorable!
Someone told me to Relax...take a deep breath..
but that doesn't work even!
my stomach is really having gosh bumps!
I don't know what he is expecting?
Romance? Fun? or for me to be myself?
Mental black out...yes! that's what i am experiencing at the moment..
Am really trying, really hard to recall the best way...
what to say and how to do it...
 Maybe, it's best to take the traditional route.
Plan a wonderful meal that I have to cook myself,
in a candle light setting where bands played beautiful love songs..
Allowing first, the mood to linger and then when the time is right,
look into his soulful eyes and may be that's the time to reveal..
 Or Visit a special place we both love going ....
The beach..I love the sea, but I hate the sun...
I guess a night swimming would be a perfect alternative..
as we stroll the beach under the moon light....playing hide and seek..
 What if it rains? Listening to our favorite bands is good option...
band hopping...enjoying the rhythm of live music.
Comedy bar hopping is also fun...Yes!
enjoying the gigs of the real funny comedians ..
Laughing out loud...but still am so shy to say it...
 One more gimmick...dancing...yes dancing!
He is a good dancer...and I was challenge by his talents
on the dance floor, amazed by his gracefulness.
But still am not brave enough, to tell him so...
I'll ditch my last card, I will just have to try the shy approaches.
I'll send him a basket of white roses..
and attached a handwritten note and say something cute...
Saying the magical words to the man of your dreams can be liberating....
but only if HE is human..wish he can be real...

but unfortunately he is not....he simply runs and runs with me...
even in my dreams!

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