Friday, August 15, 2014

Wonderful Experience at the Happiest Place on Earth

Being in Disneyland, wherever it maybe located in the world, will always be  a dream come true for the young and those who wish to be "forever young". We've been to Hong Kong, Disneyland in 2006 and during our stopover in the City of Angels, CA we got the chance to see the difference.
Thanks to the goodness of a former college buddy who met us at the airport, brought us to the hotel and drove for us to the happiest place on earth the following day with our tickets to the Disneyland Park available.  We decided to visit only one park instead of two, because of time constraints. The Disney California Adventure has most of the rides but we have only three (3) days to see all the beautiful sights in LA.

There are lot of good hotels around Anaheim if the intention is only to visit Disneyland, but for us who wanted to see most of the famous sights in LA, we choose to stay at the City Center.

Disneyland is a haven for food and fun, it is as if you can forget and leave behind  for a day or two all the worries  of this material world and just live and savor the moment. A day is not enough to tour around both parks and enjoy the rides.

A sneak peek of the different attractions at the Disneyland Park are as follows:

The Disneyland, LA  is much bigger than in Hong Kong with many rides not available in Hong Kong.

It is an amusement park where time just slips away unnoticed. No dull moments, really. Even if for sight seeing, one will surely enjoy the visit.

We really had a good bonding time at the Disneyland Park during our half day stay and stroll. On our way back to LA from Anaheim, we took the Amtrak train back to the Union station. We missed to watch the fireworks because it was only during night time. 

How I wish I will be forever young, and will have the resources  to keep coming back for another Rand R. It was one of life's finest moments that I will always treasure.

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