Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A quick but meaningful stay at Boca Chica

We stayed at the Port of Caucedo in Dominican Republic for only four hours.  However, we managed to take a quick visit to the town of Boca Chica because of it's proximity to the pier. It was only a ten minutes drive and we can very well see the  beautiful coast line and crystal clear water along the way when going in to the port.The sights we passed by, made me more curious to take  an eye witness account of the place. 

Boca Chica is only a municipality  of the Santo Domingo province in the Dominican Republic, but there are quite a number of good hotels and resorts in the area.The beach crystal clear and calm water, powdery white sand is one of the favorite Caribbean getaway.
 Despite being  a quaint town, it is mostly frequented by tourist in the Caribbean because of its location and pristine  waters. At night, there is street dancing for entertainment. The different resort offers water sports activities that can be enjoyed by families for week end bonding or for tourist who wanted to take a break.
 It was small place for a good"Fun in the Sun and Sand".
 True enough, the mantra that  you"Leave nothing but your footprints behind”  resonates while travelling. As it hangs upon trendy hostel doors and is scribbled in chalk on hiking trails. I  found  the value of  these words in my recent sailings.

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