Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Tale of Love and Two Lighthouse

To the Seafarers,  a  lighthouse is a structure ashore that aids them in navigation, giving warning against the dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals & reefs. It is also a beacon of light for safe transit to inland channels or harbors, where a welcome respite hopefully awaits.
To me, the"lighthouse" signifies a new hope at love and life.
I can still vividly recall my first climb at our town's Lighthouse during my high school days. It was newly built then, and with so much fondness after class most of us played near it.
Reaching the top view point and feeling the cold breeze from the sea, and the serenity about the place, made it a favorite hang-out for lovers and the hopeless romantics. While the breathtaking view of the sky, sea, mountain and  the island where I grow up is in amazing synergy, from a distance, I was asking the winds from which direction will my heart go to find a new love, to the east, where the sun rises or to the west where it sets beautifully. It was a mesmerizing sight to behold, for the young and the young at heart. However, the last time I saw it, it was old, dilapidated, and  no longer holds it past glory. But unlike the old light house in my hometown, my wounded heart healed, and is now happily in love.

For our silver wedding anniversary celebration todaywe decided to hold it in Macau. At the Guia Fortress, where a church and a Lighthouse sets in one place, we will be renewing our vows simply and in  private. When God gave you to me, 25 years ago, I was on mixed emotions, ecstatic, yet tearful and fearful of the kind of life ahead of us. In hindsight, I am GRATEFUL to the one who gave me away to youBeyond the clouds, I can see his face, smiling at us, and as the roar like, when the waves reaches the shore, I can hear his laughter. As the winds blow across my face, I can feel the warmth of his loving embrace, sharing our happiness on this momentous event of our life. The beauty of the Guia lighthouse did not wither with the passing years. It is well maintained and just like our love; it withstood the test of  time. It was something that was elegantly crafted, truly, a labor of LOVE, HARD WORK and DEDICATION. 
The journey to forever continues , from this day onwards, as we fill with moments and memories, the remaining blank pages of the book of  our love story in this lifetime. From the bottom of my  heart that no echo sounder can fathom, let me Thank You for the LOVE and CARE. To answer the question that you've always asked, every time you leave for another vessel assignment, I am ending this blog post with the link  to one of my all-time favorite songs..."Hanggang" (Until) by Wency Cornejo.


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