Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Training For Safety Ambassador

Masters from the East fleet who were on vacation were sent to Chennai, India to attend the Safety Training Ambassador Course.What is a  Safety Ambassador? The role of the Master  was developed as a “Safety Ambassador” to allow them to embed the Company Health Safety and Environmental policy as well as enhance the safety culture on board their vessel by leading the Officers and crew by example.

Through this training as Safety ambassadors they  were  equipped with the tools and guidance in the form of the Vessel Safety toolbox in order to fulfill their responsibilities. The ultimate goal is to eradicate injuries from the workplace and bring about a change in mind–set for all seafarers towards safety issues. The Vessel Safety Toolbox ties all major elements together which ensures  that a sound safety culture on board is maintained at all times.

 Action plans of how the Safety Ambassador in their daily work will apply the tools and skills learnt from the course, and  understand the specific responsibility in regard to Risk Management were then prepared.

As Safety ambassadors  they will act as leaders with the help of unique knowledge gained during this course.
Using the skills learnt  from the training , they will be able to conduct an effective  safety campaign at sea, by the use of Safety  slogans, posters and other tools in the Vessel Safety Toolbox.
As the ship's Safety Ambassadors though ultimately responsible,  they will also delegate certain parts of the Vessel Safety Toolbox (VeST) to other Officers and crew members, to ensure the smooth flow of  its implementation, empowering everyone on board the ship to be responsible not only of their own Safety but also the safety of others on board.
Using the skills learnt in Risk Management, the Safety Ambassador will be better able to manage calculated risks and adequately control the work environment on board. A deeper understanding  of the nature of risk, and the Company’s Safety Policy enables them to promote and motivate fellow Officers and the ship's crew to develop a pro-active approach towards Safety. The attainment of "zero" accident on board ships is their ultimate mission. The key however, to a successful implementation is in creating awareness and  getting everyone's commitment  to take Safety not just as a chance but as a choice in leading and living a pro active way of life at sea on board ships.


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