Friday, August 19, 2011

Life Goes On

It has been  a week since  the visco injection was done to augment the depleted cartilages of my knees, and thus far, only the area where the needle was inserted remained bluish.  No swelling was observed around the knee  joints, with only a little pain  felt during stretching exercises.
It's time for myself to get back to life's  normal  routine, through aqua aerobics activities and swimming, armed with a positive attitude in  holding on to the belief that things will get better in the coming days.

Warming up before we plunge
 the aqua aerobics 
God is good and life goes on regardless of whatever challenges besets our way. All that we simply need is to have faith and trust on his goodness, in finding the courage and the means to still live a meaningful life ahead of us against all odds.

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