Friday, April 08, 2011

Golden Mile in Durban, South Africa

We finally reached Durban, South Africa last April 4, 2011 after a tedious wait for my South African visa. We were met by the agent at King Shaka International airport. 

and was checked in at Garden Court Hotel (South Beach) near the Beachfront.

 It was raining and windy then, but the mile long of the golden sand beach caught me in awe.  Tired from  the 18 hours flight from Manila, we decided to take a rest before strolling around.  We were warned that the place is extremely dangerous at night time.

Mornings at the Swimming pool deck
The morning after we took a leisurely walk in the beachfront vicinity. It is one of the place of attractions rich with  cultural experience.
The Garden in the Beachfront
The sea really does play an important part of the Beachfront - there are two yacht clubs and one very big commercial harbor. As it is  fronting the Indian ocean, this is indeed a surfer paradise.
At the Beachfront
 The Beach front as viewed from our hotel room.
The Bat Centre, Durban's most interesting cultural venue, overlooks the small boat harbour where stubby-nosed tugs come to rest after a hard morning pushing tankers around. 

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