Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventures in La Virginia Hotel and Resort

Who doesn't have the fear of heights?  Accidents do happen 
any time, in  moments, we least expect them. 
However, how can I can resist the challenge when 
before my eyes' men, women of different ages are enjoying, 
and having the time of their life  in taking turns for the ride?
After a serious thought and risk assessment hubby and I 
decided to make it a try. The first zip line adventure of our
lives happened at La Virginia Hotel and Resort in 
Batangas City.

the zip line at the back drop
the Ifugao village
The hotel room rates are between Php 3,000.00 to Php 3,500.00 depending on where it faces. It  may not be very budget friendly,
 but the rooms are huge and good for a family of five. 
However, there are cottages with-in the resort for rent at
a very reasonable price and  some kiosk for a daytime getaway. 
A day of bonding of fun and adventure is worthwhile at this 
magnificently designed place.

In hindsight, learnt the following lessons:
Don't be afraid to explore new things regardless of what
stage in life you're in, and if you do still have it flaunt it! 
Only a few are blessed to retain their charm and beauty  
half way through our life's marathon. 
Indeed, fear was conquered...It's all in the mind!


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