Monday, September 20, 2010

An Antidote To Greed

We are all pilgrims in life looking for a greener pasture in every part of the globe, taking every opportunity, there is, hoping that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence..
One of the noted difference between being frugal and being a miser, is that: one is a virtue and the other is a vice.
It all depends on how our actions affected other people lives in our day to day undertaking. We all need to make choices about how we spend our money. We must choose wisely, to allow ourselves to build our wealth, and eventually, achieve financial security. However, how do we know if  our acts are of frugality or being a miser?
Some of the known benchmarks are:
A.) Buying in bulk is a prudent act, to avail of discounts.
B .) Living within your means is an act of frugality.
C .) It is a miser's act to share food to household help that are expired.
Frugality is a virtue that implies being careful, not wasteful of your resources. However, being a miser is a vice, and it carries a whiff of meanness. It is just like keeping the best for yourself and giving everyone else  something that even yourself won't dare to handle.
In our journey through the long and winding road of life, always remember that: frugality is the antidote to greed!

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