Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Rare Weekend

As I was driving along the Macapagal Avenue, I  noticed a brand new white Mitsubishi-Montero with no plate number tailing behind me until  I reached the gate of Phil-am Village  in Las Pinas, which is opened as a friendship route, used by Las Pineros to short cut to BFRV from the coastal road, and other subdivisions.

Several times, I kept slowing down in the coastal road, giving way  for him to pass ahead.
But he didn't, so I  drove around instead of going straight home..
But, I noticed that he is still tailing behind me..
Ahh..maybe he is just looking for an address...
While on the road, a text message came in,  needing me to pull-over , to read and answer it.
If this comes from my Boss, this should be replied  ASAP.
Yes, it was a forwarded message from track mate sent by my Boss..
Oh! the Boss was really tracking and spying his baby...Hmmm...
Then, another text message came..now it's really from my Boss...
And it says : please drive carefully, you are  over speeding at 120kph...really?
I immediately  went back  into the details of the track mates message..
Yes... I  was...Oh ..sorry Boss!
I just can't text him back that a car  was chasing me...
that's why am speeding up!
I always remember the advise  from my uncle in law who was a military
Colonel, when under chase: take  different routes, drive fast, run-over any barrier..always have presence of mind... don't panic...don't stop, then heed to the nearest Pnp/military headquarters!  He too, was my mentor in  target shooting...now, that he is retired  the trainee surpassed  the mentor in the firing range
! Thanks for the words of wisdom and the encouragement to harness my skills in  firing...He once told me: you never knew when and where, you'll need it..you should able to defend yourself from any form of aggression!
I tried to take look at the rear view mirror, before I resumed driving,
and noticed that the new Mitsubishi-Montero is also behind me..
I can't see the driver's face...so, I decided to rush back  home..
time is running short and I needed to go back to the condo.
Every time I made quick turns, I noticed that there's a new Mitsubishi- Montero parked in every corner in the village now.Are you the new kid in town? 
As I get off the car, inside our  home's car park..
I was surprised to see again, the white Mitsubishi-Montero now  in front of our gate...My heart is starting to tremble...do I have to call the security?
But before I can dial my phone...I noticed the driver slowly rolled down the window glass, with a big smile greeting me "Hi"... and said "I thought it was the Boss driving!". I sighed and said "hi" too...
(Grrr...it was the owner of  the DHL  Freight Forwarder  who was a former Boatswain, who stopped sailing, and now a successful businessman. He used to  tease me that he wanted to buy my Boss baby!) 
Yes, he still  asked me when will I  let it go....
 I have to conceal first, the fear inside me, before I replied with a smile and said : Not now, I still love driving it...

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