Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Friday in Istanbul, Turkey

It was on a Good Friday when we arrived the Port of Ambarli . Istanbul, is a forty five minutes ride by car assuming a moderate traffic along the way. We are grateful, for the chance to be in port during this times of the year, at least we can have our share of holiday. The sight underway when cruising the Bosphorus strait was fascinating.
Istanbul, is a country rich in history. Most of the structures were ancient but felt so blessed to see them unexpectedly.
The big bus used by some tour operators in Istanbul are jam packed with tourist and early bookings are required.
Although it is not so difficult to see the different major attractions as it is located in one area. 
 The Blue Mosque is a holy site that we choose not to get inside due to time constraint.
Just like in any other tourist place, souvenir shops are found everywhere so that anyone can take with them something to remind  their journey to the place.
It is always true that we need to take a break, a time off  from our busy life to smell the flowers. I was very much delighted to see flowers bloomalong the road side to and from Istanbul back to Ambarli port.
Sailing out again in the Bosphorus strait, I was glad to see along the strait a cruise with Belly dancers as part of the entertainment.
It maybe a holy week but it was a perfect day well spent  in a beautiful place. Memorable, indeed!

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