Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sound trip at the Blue Wave

A Seafarers vacation in Manila away from shipboard duties is a perfect time to make up and make fun memories with the family. However, it needed time management especially if we have to mix business and pleasure.
When seafarers are in their final decade of sailing, to some it is an opportunity to a bit slacken and relax especially when the children have finished their studies and starting to make a life of their own. To others, it's also a time to make preparations for their eventual retirement from sea service, exploring other avenues for earning potentials. Nevertheless, whichever stage we are in, sometimes it is best to go back to our dating days, doing some sound trip, to cap a busy week and let traffic pass.
As the members of the band continued their musical numbers and comedies, laughter fills the crowd and relaxing moment sets in..

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