Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Making of Great Leaders

As an aftermath of the election my son asked me: Mom, Are GOOD LEADERS BORN or MADE? If you are a LEADER how would you like to be remembered as a GOOD LEADER or as A GREAT ONE?

It is an everyday CHALLENGE to live with a SMART son and single handedly raising him up and molding his Good Character and values (morally and spiritually). It makes me think deep and grateful that I still remembered one of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare: "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

So, I gathered some materials discussing both viewpoints to explain further, before I give him my usual one line answer, thus tagging me as a MOM of FEW WORDS making our home a place of deafening Silence..LOL

As described from BC Technology:
Leadership is a gift but the effectiveness in leading waits for the
development of the needed skill...

The following insights from added inputs:
One of the most interesting finding is that only one-third of
interviewees feel they were 'born to lead' and have an innate interest
or ability in leadership. By contrast, two-thirds claim that
leadership was 'thrust upon them'...

Moreover, even the innate leaders stress the importance of development, which enables them to grow in skill and confidence and
enhances their ability to adapt to a variety of situations. Both the
'accidental' and the 'born' leaders agree that leadership development
is essentially an organic process.

As sourced from JPT Online: April 2004:
"Great leaders exhibit nine different kinds of behaviors that enable
them to bring out the best in their people.

Developing people.
Being able to influence others.
Encouraging teamwork.
Empowering people.
Using multiple options thinking.
Taking intelligent risks.
Being passionate about work.
Having a strong clear vision.
Stretching one's personal creativity.

While many people think leaders are unique, even born to that state of
excellence, I have found just the opposite. With proper experiential
training, it is possible for people to learn these leadership
behaviors. In other words, leaders can be developed."

In closing this note is my answer to my son's question " Good leaders are Born and MADE GREAT with LEADERSHIP TRAININGS AND GOOD VALUES...As for me, I WANTED TO BE REMEMBERED as A GOOD DAUGHTER, SISTER, & FRIEND, but a GREAT WIFE to your DAD and a GREAT MOTHER to you. =)

Upon hearing that lengthy answer he politely asked: Is that you Mom? and gave me One Big Hug.Ha ha ha..

Wish I could fill the best pages in this life time by being a Good Daughter, Sister, Friend and a GREAT WIFE and GREAT MOTHER.

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